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Did the local small gun show on the 1st of December and did alright but not great. Did get the buy of the show though..,A fellow had a S&W Model 15 38 special 4 inch adj sites..hang tag said 100 bucks. Bought that one without putting it down. I must admit that is is slightly really kinda ugly but it is tight and shoots well. Made another buy that was kind of good. I sold a 590 Mossberg a few years back and wanted to replace it in some way...really wanted to replace it with a Benelli M-1 Super 90 slug gun...just for bear country. Traded a Remington 1911 even up for one that is essentially new. Slug bbl and extended mag tube. I think I got a great deal. I bagged up a yote in the yard already one night. It shoots slugs and 4 buck just great. Fastest operating shotgun I have ever shot. Been buying some bullet molds and reloading supplies for really cheap too. I got 5800 mostly large and small pistol primers with 3 lbs of powder for 25 dollars. Well actually about 2 1/2 pounds as one can was a 9 ounce of that Hodgdon Trail Boss powder. For another 35 dollars got 6 Lee Loader 4 Hornady die sets a Rem 1100/870 12 ga trap stock and a 4 cavity Lachmiller 41 Mag 220 gr bullet mold. 2 of the Lee Loaders were hard to was 7.7 Jap and the other was 410 2 1/2 inch

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