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Hope everyone had a great 4th. I stayed home and watched the fireworks of 4 different towns...But went to a fellow's ranch. He called me about a few reloading items he had to get rid of... A few meant 1/2 a 40 ft tractor trailer load. And yes...I did go crazy...and yes I did spend too much In fact I went over again yesterday and bought about 250 pounds of reloading bullets and a few thousand once fired and new cases. As fas as guns I bought only was a really nice Uberti Single action in the ol classic 44-40. The other was a real rust bucket 22 bolt action. It was in such bad condition I couldn't tell who made it and couldn't get the magazine out of it. It either had to be a Remington or a Winchester though. Turns out it was a Winchester 69 with a peep. And early one. Bore is just fine and after a good cleanup it shoots pretty good. I paid 35 dollars for it so not hurt at all. On Saturday I got a lot of commercial cast/sized/lubed handgun bullets for a dollar hundred. Got a new no box Dillon 650 with I think all the parts set up for 223/5.56 price was 200 bucks. I was cleaning the grudge out so I could park a car in there(the American dream)...but that has gone by the wayside for a bit. Got 8 8 pound kegs of 700X Unique and Herco fir 60 bucks each...I am keeping one Herco and one Unique for myself. Got enough bullets to load all the 4000 or so 38 sp brass I have.

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