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Old 01-06-2010, 12:38 AM
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Cowboy Ammo and Self Defense

What is your opinion about the use of "Cowboy" ammo in a revolver
or rifle for self-defense? I have heard pros and cons about it. Some say
it's a bad idea because the bullets are too brittle and there would not be adequate penetration. Others say the bullets need more velocity (850
feet per second or more) to fend off an attacker. Would you use 45 Colt or 44-40 "Cowboy" ammo for self defense purposes?

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Old 01-06-2010, 09:38 AM
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Keep in mind that cowboy aciton ammo simulates the speeds and velocities of ammo during the old west (although some of that is bunk because I have seen people shoot very slow very lightweight cowboy ammo that barely makes it to the paper). Also most cowboy action ammo uses very soft lead. Not only is it not brittle but it mushrooms when it hits a solid mass (like bone) like nobodies business.

In the last few years I have used or seen used a cowboy action 45 colt 250gr LRN to terminate the following.

#1 Had to put down a beloved family pet (a large black lab mix) who had been shredded in a fight with a rabid animal. It was a Sunday when we found him and the vet (who lives 30 miles from me) said he would be willing to come give him a shot to put him down if I could wait four hours and pay nearly a grand. I wasn't going to make my dog wait that long. From twenty yards the 45 colt round entered just above dead center of the eyes. He had his head down so it traveled through the skull out his neck, through his chest (and breastbone) and out his ribcage into the ground so deep the bullet couldn't be recovered easily. His suffereing was over less than a heartbeat after I pulled the trigger.

#2 Shot a buck deer in the neck that had been wounded by another hunter with a arrow still sticking out of his ribcage. At 50 yards it completely penetrated his neck muscle and bone dropping him instantly.

#3 have seen two 300+lb hogs dropped with a 45 colt by a neighbor using cowboy ammo. The lead bullet completed penetrated the neck on one and exited the rear hip. On the second he shot it in the head and dropped it.

#4 have seen a cow who had broken her spine during birth to her first calf (which was WAY to large for her) shot between the eyes. The round completely penetrated her skull and lodged in her neck.

I have seen alot of other exmples as well.

So yes we as people are think skinned, and amazingly delicate. A 45 colt cowboy round won't even stop in a person. Perticularly when you consider that statistically most gun fights, and self defense shootings happen withing 7 yards.

For those who tells you only velocity kills remind them that there ain't much velocity in a sledge hammer, and I don't want to be hit with that either.

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Old 01-06-2010, 12:46 PM
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Compare a 45LC to a 45APC. Questioned answered.
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Old 01-06-2010, 03:13 PM
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I would imagine that being hit with a .44-45 caliber lead slug....slow or not....would take the fight (and air....and blood) out of most people.
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Old 01-08-2010, 01:45 AM
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I'd prefer any bullet hit to a punch in the gut.
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Old 01-08-2010, 12:13 PM
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Gettin shot

Gettin shot up surely isn't much fun...but..have you all read any accounts of gun fights? Especially in the old west venue? Some of those guys took numerous hits and kept on fighting. Don't know if it was poor ammo or poor accuracy by the shooter or what. Even today some people take a lot of killin before they go down. Maybe in the past if wasn't acceptable to run after gettin hit by a bullet. And of course it depends on where you(preferably they) get hit. But as Swift says..It sure is better than a punch in the stomach

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