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Old 05-12-2014, 07:10 AM
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Knife from a saw blade

This blade is over an 1/8 of an inch thick. I am using a 24 inch diameter concrete saw blade.

I cut a chunk of it away with a angle grinder.

This will be a hunting knife with a drop point and a finger guard.

This is a very thick blade.

Next, I heated the blade cherry red and let it cool very slowly to soften the steel. so I could drill hole and grind a bevel and do some file work.

this time I am going to do a "W" pattern on the backbone of the blade. I marked off the spacing with a sharpie.

Then I used a small square file on one side of the blade.

Then turned the blade around and did the other side.

I added a little bluing to bring out the details.

With all the file work done, I heat treated the blade by heating it until it was non magnetic (around 1500F) and then quenched it in 130F salt water. Next I temper it at 400F for one hour. Finally I polish the blade to a mirror finish.

I used curly maple and aluminum pins. I'm calling it "Blonde"

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