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Old 12-15-2009, 05:16 PM
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Some Oklahoma Hogs

SW Oklahoma is over run with wild hogs. i hunt them at least one day per week every month of the year, usually with a .50 muzzleloader. Here are two that were killed recently. The sow went about 140 pounds on the hoof. The spotted boar went about 175 pounds. The sow was running full tilt at about 90 yards when hit . She was DRT. The boar was standing broadside at about 120 yards. He was hit behind the shoulder. At the shot the boar took off, ran about 75 yards and hit the dirt. The bullet shredded the heart, lungs and diaphram. The exit hole was about 3/4".

Gun: Encore
Scope: Zeiss 4x32 Conquest

Bullet: 250 grain SST in Low Drag sabot
Powder: 110 grains of Goex 3F Pinnacle
Primer: Winchester shotgun
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Sow 6 December, 09 008 (Small).jpg (55.9 KB, 459 views)
File Type: jpg Sow 6 December, 09 009 (Small).jpg (89.8 KB, 494 views)
File Type: jpg Boar, 13 Dec, 09 (2) (Small).JPG (72.6 KB, 488 views)
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Hogs..that is what my friend and I would like to hunt one day. I guess here in W.Pa we can be lucky they aren't here ..yet.. I guess in the south part of pa they had problems with them and stopped the hunting of them so they can trap and remove. I know they dig up ground and maybe destroy food crops but what do they do the deer population? Do they kill fawns? We have a big problem here with the coyotes..I hear them every morning down by the turkey roost trees...other day I counted 39 turkey with 5 long beards..they pass each morning past my window and every evening back to the they can dig up a yard scratchin for the corn and feed..but far pigs...well with hooves I had to pick up some trash left behind this past week by one...oink oink
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Old 12-17-2009, 09:13 AM
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I know they dig up ground and maybe destroy food crops but what do they do the deer population?
In parts of SW Oklahoma the deer herd has been hurt by the presence of all these hogs. i've seen hogs run deer out of the wheat fields and off game plots. In a year when mast is scarce it is the hogs that are least impacted. Hogs root up prime deer grazing land and cause a lot of soil erosion.

Do they kill fawns?
i suspect that they do. The coyote population here has been steady for many years. In those areas that are infested with hogs the number of fawns raised to maturity has gone down. One of our places had no hogs until 2006. Now there are hogs all over the place. Dozens of hogs now roam through that 80 acres and a lot of them call that place home.

The PA game commission made a very big mistake when they stopped hunters from killing hogs. Trapping hogs does not work when it is used as the only hog management tool.
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Old 12-22-2009, 11:59 PM
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to the question of do they kill fawns... i came up with a theory about hogs a little while back. They are like the catfish of the land if they can get their mouth around it they will eat it. Young fawns are fair came if they find one young enough not to run. I talked to a goat farmer one day that said they will follow birthing mothers until they drop kids and eat them before they ever have a chance (buzzards will learn to do this too). Another guy i know shoots pigs on his place and drags them to an area he can see in order to shoot more hogs off the dead one cause they are cannabalistic. They will run deer off becaue they are bigger and meaner. As for your turkey, they can wreck that population because the nest are like a jackpot they'll eat all the eggs
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Old 12-23-2009, 08:54 AM
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Okie, do you want some help killing them off? I could round up a posse to come down!
Aim small...
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