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Old 10-22-2010, 10:47 PM
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Secondary Targets.

My son and I were searching for a nice 4 point deer during the local muzzleloader hunt. Couldn't find a 4 pointer (a necessity for my son to pull the trigger). But a coyote did cross our path but didn't give time for the boy to get a shot off. When seen again, the dog was about 300 yards away and standing broadside, looking at us. I guess he figured he was safe. My son shoots a Knight 1 50 caliber with Leupold special scope for this rifle that is set up to hit on the different ranges with circles in the reticle if he is loaded with 3 pellets of Triple 7 and a 250 grain bullet in the sabot. (A loud wailing noise is heard from the traditional muzzleloader shooters.) He held the bottom post of the coyote and squeezed it off. Naturally we lost sight of the dog in the smoke cloud, but I heard a bullet strike sound. I told him he got it and we couldn't see it with binoculars. He went out on a line to where the dog had been standing and found it lying in the sage with a very distinctive hole through its head. I told him to always insist that was his hold point. We got pictures and had a laugh over the whole incident.
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Old 10-23-2010, 01:41 AM
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Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good! Or, so the saying goes.
I have noticed, though, that the more you know your rifle, and practice, the luckier you seem to get.
Nice shot!
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Old 10-23-2010, 08:10 PM
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What jack Said..And having fun is what it is all about.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
Benjamin Franklin
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