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Old 05-03-2008, 06:18 AM
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Nikkon Sterling scopes and Update

Hi All,

Just thought I would give the heads up o these. Despite my reservations I brought and acquired two variable Nikko Sterling scopes. Not a new brand but it seems these Australian owned scopes (now owned by Highland Sporting of Australia) have been about as a brand for some 40+ years and I have some ( three actually) of their original 4x32 scopes mounted of rifles from that period and a later 4x40 of their Platinum line. The original scopes and a good reputation for a no frills scope.

I wanted a budget scope to use on the range with my 6mm Remington chambered P-H 1200V so acquired a 4.5-14x50 AO Gold Crown scope only to find on taking it out of the box and putting it on the rifle that is was faulty and that the fast Focus eye piece was so poorly threaded that it wobbled about as did the reticle so it was useless. Tried dealing with the vendor with no luck so put it aside whilst trying to get something sorted and looked for a replacement.

I was told about a mail order company :-

J.S. Ramsbottom

Who had some scopes on close out and found they had a older model 3-9x40AO Platinum scope on offer so phoned them to check stock and they had two so I brought one after a discussion with the vendor and it arrived the following morning in the post. Excellent service. Fitted it to the rifle and bore sighted it and all looked well. Used it several times on the range ammunition testing then on one trip I altered the maginifaction whilst looking through the scope and noticed that the reticle moved! Some careful examination revealed that the entire eye bell could be wobbled on the main body tube. Darn it this s what happend to a 3-9x49 Silver Crown scope I had on my BSA CF" 270 win chambered rifle back in the early 1980's.

Lucky for me I had just read a review of the new Nikko Sterling Air King scope and it gave the contact number for Highland Sporting the importers so I rang them. Now I also rang Ramsbottom who said no problem send it back and we will ship it to the importers, we have the other still here so have put is aside for you and will ship it once the importer has inspected your scope and agreed it's faulty. As I had to send the Gold Crown direct to Highlands I told them I would ship both together and save the time so sent them insured next day delivery through the post office then checked to make sure they had arrived safely.

Waited several days then rang Highlands to see what was happening only to find nothing. They had not even looked at them! so waited until Tuesday the following week and rang again. Was told this time that they would be looking at them on Monday so waited until Friday and had heard nothing so phoned again this time I get told as the owner was out of the office ALL week and he would now check them over the weekend so basically I had been lied too.

It's a bank Holiday on Monday so I will now wait until Wednesday and phone again however I am not holding my breathe on this as it seems their customer service is as poor as their product is.

Oh the Gold Crown was made in China I now discover and the Platinum made in Korea!

Will keep you informed on the progress of this and the eventual outcome but so far it seems avoid Nikko Sterling brand scopes.


Well I was lied to yet again despite the boss telling me on Friday he would look at the scopes over the weekend it's Wednesday and when I phone to find out what is happening no one has looked at my faulty scopes and they just don't care either. I told the lady I spoke to that this was the third time someone had said they would look at them and had not and it was getting beyond a joke. I also told her that I would be relaying my experiences in dealing with their company on the internet to which she replied:-

We don't care
So there you have it a company which does not care about the poor quality of it's products nor about it's customers. I cannot recomend folks to steer clear of both Highland Outdoors and Nikko Sterling scopes strongly enough.
"Don't let the bastards grind you down"

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Old 01-04-2009, 06:54 PM
Ian Tanner Ian Tanner is offline
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I haved used nikko stirling scopes for over 35 years ,still got and use the original .I currently use 4 of the 30mm diamond line a 3-12x56 on a 223 a 1.5-6x42 on a 338 federal the same again on a303 epps a 3-9x42 on a 308 no problems .My cousin runs another 3-9 on his 300Win,another hunting buddy runs an old gold crown on a 458 his brother another on a 338 ultra mag.I will admit though i trialled a night eater on a mossberg 30/06 recently for the local gun shop while it was very accurate it didnt appear to be the best made scope i have used and would probably steer clear of it
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Old 11-10-2009, 09:53 AM
Brithunter Brithunter is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Eastern England
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Yep I have several Nikko Sterlings still but none recent ones now. The newest must be the 4x40 platinum the others are all old 4x32 Special or Special Sporting scopes.

I put that Gold crown on a BSA Supersport five and it held zero on that and was on it for a while but I finally gave up on it due to the stupid restricted depth of field it gave. Final straw was trying to focus on a Rabbit coming towards me at a hop and just could not get a focus on it so it went on e-bay and some one else has the scope now. Probably work well for their type of shootign too but I ahd had enough of it.

I have put the 4x40 Platinum on the BSA now.

In future I will buy no new or Modern Nikko Sterlings as the importers are worth wasting breathe on and certainly not the postage to send anyhting back.
"Don't let the bastards grind you down"
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