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Old 09-30-2008, 10:21 AM
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another air rifle 'build'

i got into airguns and CO2 guns a while back, too.

i know they may leave a lot to be desired insofaras power (as compared to a PCP or HPA and some of the higher end springers, but they nevertheless do "deliver the mail" with acceptable authority and accuracy.) but, i find that the power that can be derived after doing some easily accomplished modifications that can be done right in the living room of your own home (well, in your workshop, anyway) is quite astonishing and acceptable. and, not only that, the CO2, HPA and PCP guns have NO recoil...

i switched the rifle (a Chinese Industry brand QB78 in .22 cal) over to bulk feed, honed the gas tube and breech, installed a shim to preload the hammer spring, opened a few gas ports, tapered the valve head for better flow of gas, installed a weaker valve spring, installed upgraded seals along with removing a factory installed "filter" and screen that severely impeded gas flow.

i also shortened the barrel by 2" and am preparing a 'brake' to install.

i got a walnut, partially fininshed, thumbhole stock and i am in the process of inletting and bedding the action/gas tube, installing a stud for a versa-pod bipod and sling stud screws.

this rifle was VERY accurate before i made the modifications and what i've seen indicates will be even better once i finish.

i know that air guns are limited insofaras their ability in "big game" hunting, but my rationale is simple; i believe this country may become nearly prohibitive in the firearms arena. especially if obama is elected as president.

center fire rifles and handguns may become so highly regulated/prohibited it may make them impractical to own/operate. in europe airguns are restriced as to how much power they may produce before being classed as "firearms" and california is the same way. i'm also aware that there are PCP and HPA guns that are capable of taking elk, pigs, deer, etc...they are, however in that classification of being "firearms"

we all know that there is an underlying agenda, especially among the likes of obama, clintons and schummers, feinsteins, boxer, biden etc, to bow at the altar of the UN insofars as private ownership of firearms is that in mind...i've untertaken stocking up and gaining knowledge of the airguns...they may one day be all we are allowed to own if we're not careful of who we allow to be elected.
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