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Old 11-03-2011, 12:59 PM
Adam Helmer Adam Helmer is offline
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SAFETY ALERT: Anyone else having CVA Bolt Gun PROBLEMS!

Today, until I mailed off my CVA Fire Bolt Ultra Mag .45 caliber rifle, I had a very serious SAFETY issue with CVA bolt Inlines. On December 16, 2006, I bought a CVA .45 caliber inline in our local Agway store on my way to church. The rifle was a "vault queen" until yesterday. I was firing a 50 grain charge of Triple 7 and patched roundball to ZERO the scope. My group was only +2 inches and 1"+ Right until round #5. As I closed the bolt, THE RIFLE FIRED! Ok, it is my "Remington" CVA.

I called CVA and a Customer Service guy told me to CLEAN the trigger Group to regain positive bolt hold back. I told him on page 17 of my CVA booklet, paragraph 11 says:" Do not attempt to disassemble the trigger assembly. Clean as a one-piece unit." The sentence ENDED there, so I asked, "How do I clean this gizmo." He said to use a spray cleaner, yadda, yadda. I asked why the booklet did not ELABORATE. The Customer Service guy said, "I can send you a new trigger group as mine seemed to have a broken part." I then told him my .45 caliber T/C Maxis did not group and I was shooting .457" Hornady Roundball and a .010" patch. Do the math and see this is a .47 caliber, or more.

This is my SECOND GO ROUND with a CVA Bolt INLINE! In October 2007 I received a Cabela's Special offer mailing for lots of stuff. One item was a $99.00 CVA Buckhorn Hunter Bolt Magnum .50 caliber inline bolt gun with black synthetic stock. I placed the order and got the bolt gun. I whistled up old dog and we went to the backyard range. On firing #7, the rifle FIRED on bolt closure on the CCI #209 shotgun primer. Happily the rifle was pointed down range, as usual here on the farm.

I called CVA and asked the Customer Service guy, "What is wrong with the trigger group and safety lever on my rifle." He asked me to tell him the make, model and serial number on the barrel. I did. He said, "No you do not have that rifle as it was a proto-type never put out for retail sale." I told him I would send him the gun, which I did. A week later I received a very serious UPGRADE Rifle with an expensive sling. That .50 inline has worked reliably since. Yesterday my .45 scared the #$%^ out of me on the firing line.

If you have a CVA bolt INLINE, ALWAYS WATCH the Muzzle, ESPECIALLY when you CLOSE the bolt on a loaded rifle. Been there and experienced that! Be ADVISED!

Adam Helmer

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