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Old 09-10-2016, 07:11 PM
Adam Helmer Adam Helmer is offline
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My Fall 2016 HandgunTraining Class

I have a very interesting handgun training class here on my 60-acre rural farm. The nearby gun club has 16 acres and very Specific Rules for handgun firing:
- NO Humanoid or Silhouette Targets are allowed.
-NO drawing and firing from the holster.
-NO Rapid Fire: no more than three shots per 15 seconds.

The Trap Shooters have taken over the control of the gun club. I am still a member for $15 per year to use the benches when no one else is around. But that does not help new handgun owners wanting to learn how to handle their CCW and home defense handguns. I provide that alternative.

I "weed out" the nut cases and end up with housewives, school teachers, college professors, Priests, Constables and good people who want to learn handgun skills.

We start at 7 yards with the B-27 silhouette target. I have several assistant range officers and Safety is #1 Priority. I cannot understand why gun clubs refuse to allow draw and Fire from the holster. What else can a CCW licensed person do? IF NOT on a club range, WHERE? On my Range IS WHERE. All past students are welcome to return to the firing line and draw and FIRE!

I have Six handgun Ranges and am busy everyday. My Range Safety Officers run a safe line. I am busy and always here for my students. The nearby gun club missed the Bus, while I made much money last year.

Adam Helmer
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