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deadly trout system

If you want to catch trout even when they will not bite, this system works. Is a killer. Med action spin rod/reel. 6lb line. Tie small loop on end of line with pc split shot about a foot above this and a swivel about a foot above that. Now use a worm needle,slip in on the loop and feed it point first through a minnows mouth and out the butt. Now slip on a trebble hook that is only welded on 2 hooks. ( hard to find) this lets the loop move all the way to the round end of the hook you attatch line to. Now pull it all back through minnow making it look like it is sitting on the hooks. The loop end of hook will tuck inside the butt. Now toss it out in lake where they just stocked trout. Now as slow as you can, reel it back in and the whole time twitch the tip of your rod moving it about a foot with each twitch. Do this about 2 or 3 times a second as you slowly reel it in and it will 'force' the trouts instinct to hit it and kill it..even if he is not in the mood to eat. I learned this from a guy that was catching over a dozen fish to my 1 or my zero. Is a killer. Today, we are stocking trout in sportsmens club and I am taking cooker,seasoning,and doing a shore lunch for a bunch. I will one day make a video of this and..believe me, you will catch trout like you would not believe. One time a friend of mine wanted fish to eat for his new girlfriend. He could not catch a fish. I said if you want one, I will get you them. I left, came back in less than 15 min with 3 nice ones....Never did tell him my secret.
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Posts: 2,358 please!!! LOL!

Id like to see that secret!

Although I am not sure I can use bair on all the stocked trout lakes here...
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