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Old 11-22-2008, 12:12 PM
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Final sight in preparations complete

well over the last few weeks been going out once a week and shooting groups, working from a 300 yard zero, can easily dial in to "minute of whitetail" to 850 yards. shot a 5" group last sat at 836 yards.
yesterday I set the 300 yard zero's exactly on my 7mm AM and the 6.5 Gibbs. the 7 AM has always been as consistant as sunrise, so after setting the gibbs at 300, then making sure it was precisely 2 3/8" high at 100, I looked against a far ridge, saw a rock ledge with a small round rock on the tip, ranged it at 683 yards, the rock was 1/4 mill in size at that range so it was 7-8" in diameter.
I checked exbal and it said I needed 7.75 MOA of up (55") and 1 MOA (7") right windage for a 4 mph breeze to make a 683 yard zero, put the crosshair on the rock and watched it erupt into a cloud of dust 1/2 second after the report. yeah, I think I'm ready!! season starts mon. morn
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