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Old 12-03-2006, 02:02 AM
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Dog Booties

I need some recommendations for dog booties for Nitro. I took him out hunting 2 weeks ago and he tore up his back paws. They still aren't completely better and the season starts back up in a week. So, I need to order something for him ASAP.

I was looking at the booties offered on Cabelas and saw some Avery neoprene ones for $20. I also saw more expensive ones too. So, I have no idea what to get.

Does anybody have any recommendations based upon personal use? If not from personal use, how about opinions based upon hearsay.
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Old 12-04-2006, 11:01 AM
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I'd go with the Cabela booties. I have never personally used them on any of my dogs, but have looked at them and like the looks of them. I can tell you right now that Nitro will probably hate them and will probably try and chew them off, but eventually he will get use to them. If you are in a big hurry and don't think you will get them in time you can wrap his feet with gauze and then duck tape over the gauze with just a little of the duct tape holding on to the hair on his legs. He won't like this either but it works. Make sure you don't get to much tape on his hair. Remember how it felt when you had tape put on you and was then yanked off. Also keep in mind that if you are working on ice that with either of these methods Nitro will no longer have any ability for traction. They do make a boot where his toe nails will stick out, but I don't remember who makes them. Anyway good luck to you and Nitro. Let us know what you came up with and how well it worked.
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Old 02-26-2008, 02:24 AM
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fabrosman, if and when his feet heal, try spraying his pads with toughskin spray, it's the stuff they spray athletes skin with before they tape them up! It works real good, but like I said his feet have to heal first or it will sting like crazy! Give it a try, let me know! Good luck too!
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Old 02-26-2008, 05:58 AM
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I have and use the Stark's Neoprene Dog Boots. They work well and a good quality boot.
Get some EMT GEL for his pads and that will help the healing also.
I guess this also comes in a spay on application also but have not tried that yet.
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Old 02-26-2008, 10:21 AM
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Use Vet Wrap instead of of tape. It sticks to itself but not to the animals hair. You can get it at any store that sells stuff for horses and other vet supplies. Tractor Supply is my source.

It also works well to Camo Rifles and other equipment. It comes in various colors.

Best wishes, Bill
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Old 02-26-2008, 06:03 PM
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If you haven't yet fitted him with Boots, make sure you have a video camera handy when you first put them on. You'll likely be viewing a crazed lab attempting to walk without touching the ground. You'll have hours of laughter with that video tape.
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Old 02-26-2008, 08:02 PM
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That initial post was over a year ago. I got boots for him last season and it was hilarious. I had him wearing them around the house so he would get used to them. Utterly hilarious. Now, he does just fine with them in the field and we haven't had any issues with his feet even though we hunted in cut wheat and cut corn fields. The booties are much less expensive than the vet bills were.
The pond, waterfowl, and yellow don't get any better.
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