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Old 04-14-2015, 06:37 PM
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Russian Capture Kar98k Mauser

About two years ago I picked up a Russian capture Kar98k Mauser from a local gun shop. There were a pile of these rifles available so I went through the stack and examined all of them. I picked out a bfy 43 (made at the Mauser Works in 1943) that was in excellent condition and had a mint bore. The bolt is a forced match, but looks like new. I spent some time today cleaning the bore and making a military sling to go on the rifle. I have an original cleaning rod and bayonet to complete the ensemble. The Russian "x" is on the receiver indicating it is a captured weapon, but Ivan left most of the German markings intact. The barrel bands and floorplate have mixed numbers which is fine.

This will go well with my byf 43 9mm P-38 that is also in mint condition. I bought the P-38 a few years ago from another gun shop. Sadly the availability of these military arms in this condition is getting hard find and prices are getting to be quite high. All the best...
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