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Old 08-08-2013, 06:55 AM
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Bought a new press

For some unknown reason I bought a new Redding T-7 Turret press. Was at the state skeet shoot in Casper Wy. After I got done shootin on Saturday..I went to the local Sportsman's warehouse. Just lookin around. Y'all know how it is..ya just haveta look. Picked up a pound of the Alliant MP300 to try in the 410 ..and mag handgun loads..a couple hundred 55 gr Hornady .224 bullets for a friend..and then I spied the T-7 Redding. Been lusting after one for some reason. And since I sold a Mec 9000G for a little more than the T-7 and felt flush(with money) I got the darn thing. I haven't loaded anything on it yet. This thing is awesome..It has weight and it cycles perfectly. Reminds me of loaders from the past. Not too heavy but feels solid. Some of the presses made these days load fine but they just feel junky to me. The new RCBS RC IV is ok I guess but just doesn't have the feel of the older Rockchucker..and then it is made in China. This Redding is made in the US with US steel. Novel idea huh?! Anyway..once I use it a bit I will post a blurb about it. Think it is gonna be perfect for my mag pistol loads. As for the skeet shootin..Well you know you had a bad weekend when your best score is in the 410 bore..and it was only a 95...LOL!

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