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Old 05-03-2011, 12:33 AM
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The term 'Good scope for the money'

I remember when you could get a Bushnell Scope Chief for a decent price, and it was labeled a good scope for the money. I know a few folks right here at HC who still like them.

But now, it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry use this term for every scope they buy. I was browsing an AR15 site, and seen scopes I have never heard of and scopes that give me the willies.

Centerpoint was listed a few times, Barska and Konus were also in the mix. But every single person wrote 'Good scope for the money'

The lowest priced AR type rifle I could find was a brand from Huston TX for $650 OTD. Why put a Tasco level scope on this rifle? I have used this phrase before, 'It is like putting Flinstone tires on a Ferrari'

And when did the term 'Good scope for the money' translate to, the crap you shouldn't buy for anything but a rimfire?
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Old 05-03-2011, 08:09 AM
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i couldnt agree more. that term makes me think its a piece of crap but if its all you can afford take you chances. a good scope for the money has a crisp image and holds its zero and doesnt fog. thats pretty much it right? outdoorsman are some of the biggest name droppers out there. its just like putting that little guy riding a horse on a shirt makes a 5 dollar polo a 75 dollar polo. that being said, i dont know whats out there for AR's however the bushnell banner on my inline was under 200 and has not moved its zero in 6 years. Also every where i look now a days the scope that is fitting this phrase the most is a redfield made by leupold multiple ppl have told me a great scope for the money.
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Old 05-03-2011, 08:44 AM
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Well a good scope for the money is a term I consider mostly junk..Like a 650 dollar AR. I can find GOOD ARs everyday for 700-800 I just bought a Bushmaster varminter for a friend(no scope) for 700 bucks..with the case and everything..As far as scopes..I just put a New BSA on an ol 788 Rem 243. Not much recoil so I doubt that it will die..but it'll work for what I need..and it was a "good scope for the money" ....unless it dies soon. LOL!! Sighted the darn thing in and it really is an accurate rifle. I got it cheap cause it wouldn't shoot. Cleaned the bore with a Foul Out bore cleaner and Voila!!...It's a good rifle...for the money

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Old 05-04-2011, 09:31 AM
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I didn't get the $600 Ar, I got the Double Star! And I am very pleased with it.

FYI the 'cheap' is is this one:

It says Interarms Huston TX USA, they used to import pistols from brazil. The place selling it said the price for the next load has increased, that the $629 price was an intro..........but when I learned the Kentucky law enforcement used the Double Star I got it instead. You already saw the pictures.

And back to the subject of 'Good scopes for the money' I mailed my 15 year old Seeadler of Nurnberg scope back to the US today. They admitted to me I have one of their last true German made scopes. The same series is now made in China, and they are cutting sales of all scopes, they got a contract to fix some brand I never heard of!

But they will still fix my current scope if it ever needs it. But it has worked flawlessly, cost me 500DM at the time, about ($300). It is an 8x 56mm with a #1 post, and has the fast focus, so it is still a keeper But it is sad to think, if it ever needs work, would they replace stuff with Chinese stuff?
I tell you I don't get no respect. Why, the surgeon general, he offered me a cigarette. (Rodney)
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Old 05-04-2011, 03:02 PM
Mr. 16 gauge Mr. 16 gauge is offline
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Interesting thread....I have a Cabela's "Pine Ridge" scope on my AR15; 2x7 power, matte finish. Not a real expensive scope, by any means, and it seems to do the job. Here in MI, I doubt I'll find a spot where I have to shoot a long ways off.
Now, when I went out west with my 30-06 topped with a Bushnell 3x9, I thought I was all set....that combo has served me well for years here in MI, but I found out that the light gathering properties of that particular scope SUCK for long distance shooting out west! Fortunately, I got my buck, but I had a very difficult time seeing that buck at that range (about 300 yards). I saw that the guides, to a man, had Leupolds on their personal rifles, so I asked to take a peek through one, and the difference was like night and day. During the day, when the sun was out, there wasn't much difference, but you could sure tell the difference when the last few rays of sunshine were all that was available.
Tasco? Hmmm....don't think I would bother, even for a BB gun. Had one on my Nylon 66. Took that combo rabbit hunting and decided to plink at an old can (the rabbits weren't cooperating). After the first shot, everything turned blurry! Couldn't figure out why at first, then I noticed that the front lens was missing!
As for Chinese scopes: As long as I can buy a scope made somewhere else, I will....tried to buy some American made bearings for the trailers last week, and was told that there is no longer any such thing! I can't stand cheap Chinese products, and there's no telling what is put in them or what it's made off....I'll pass when ever possible.
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Old 05-05-2011, 07:57 AM
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My kids did me a favor and bought me one of those new Redfield scopes. I put it on a 280 Mod 700 and so far so good. Seems to be clear and bright. It sure isn't a LEO but its on about the par with the 3200 Bushnell. Would I risk a once in a lifetime hunt with this scope. You know what the answer is.
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Old 02-05-2017, 11:41 AM
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The term Tasco used in reference to cheap is wrong. Tasco is nothing more than a name put on a scope that comes out the same factory as nikon Bushnell vortex even leupold stuff.

Even nightforce located here in idaho sources parts and glass from across the pond.

Did you know the vortex pst and razor are shipped across the pond. Vortex gets them cheaper as hole unit. These scopes are then disassembled and some parts are replaced with us made parts. Because of these scopes are highly reliable and sought after

Other lines of vortex are not subject to the pst and razor quality control standerds.

The optics world is nothing that we think of it. I've done enough research to realize that I basically have no idea what going on who makes what and so on.

One thing I do know is if you pay 50 bucks for a scope you reciever a 50 dollar scope if you pay a grand you then get a 1000 scope. This is true regardless of the label stamped on it when it comes out of the factory
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