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Old 03-27-2011, 01:27 PM
Larryjk Larryjk is offline
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skeet, I had a much newer Ercoupe. It had electric start, radio's (coffee grinder, whistle stop tuning), but still 75 hp. Absolutely fun machine without peddles. Pull it up to try to stall (power on) and it felt like ten gremlins were out there hitting on the wings with ball peen hammers while p factor was pulling you around in a circle to the left. I learned a lot about aerodynamics in that little guy. Nothing like sliding the hood to the right and sitting there with your arm out the side on a ot summer day. No flaps either. You just had to hold the nose up until you created a high rate of sink. Then lower the nose to get flying speed back. Fun - no sh--.
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Old 03-27-2011, 04:19 PM
skeet skeet is offline
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Hey Larry.. I actually got mine to stall one day..well almost. It was a neat plane. You really couldn't fly it much less than 60 or so..but as you the canopy and sit in the sun..It did get a bit loud at cruising though. No rudder pedals was kinda strange.. I also had a Cessna 170B..a really fun plane to remorse on landings though. But heck..the Helio Couriers we flew would ground loop in a hurry if you weren't careful

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