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float board traps

A local trapper took 2x12 boards about 3' long and routed a place for his traps to sit in. He baits these with apples etc and since he can't set for rats because the water is too deep and banks too steep, these have worked fine for him..guess rats climb aboard the wood and eat the bait...had quite a few so far..
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Old 12-15-2008, 07:58 PM
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There are several different ways to do that.
Some are covered.
Some hold more than 1 trap. One I know of holds 4.
The one I sometimes use is simply two 2X4s 18" long nailed narrow side down to a piece of plywood in a V shape.
Bait goes to the narrow point of the V. Trap sits in the wide opening. Rat climbs aboard sets off the trap jumps in the water and drowns.
I've never caught a lot of rats this way but I can see where if there were a lot of rats around it would be pretty effective.
Have a good one
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