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Old 10-15-2013, 01:15 PM
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More on prices and availability

Have been to a few gun shows and auctions lately. Prices on 22 ammo are coming down. They'll never be what they were before, but stuff is a LITTLE more available. Was at an auction on Sunday and they had a lot of 22 ammo. It sold in 500 round bricks for 32.50. Needles to say I did not buyt any. Ammo is still going a bit higher than I think it should. Pistol ammo is still plenty high. Rifle ammo is all over the place according to caliber. Sat next to a guy who bought 5 boxes of Federal blue box(cheaper) 300 Win Mag for 35.00 bucks each. The local Wally World down the road had the same ammo for 26 bucks. I looked..before the auction. Bought 8 boxes of 7mm-08 Rem ammo for 7.50 a Got 14 boxes of 7mm Bullets for reloading..all types and weights for 60 bucks. 12 sets of dies all RCBS for 12.50 a set. Almost all were new unused. Bought 9 scopes for an average of 10 dollars a piece..but 2 were Weaver 22 scopes. The rest were 1 inch Redfield and Burris and another 3x9 Trashco..but they will all sell. My best buy was an old Colt Officers Model Target box for a 22 revolver. In pretty good condition and got it for 7 dollars..with a bunch of reloading crap in it. It is a very rare box from the 30's.

Did a gun show or two also and noticed prices on guns are still high but the only thing selling is ammo and reloading stuff. Powder primers etc. Ammo is really high for pistol and some rifle stuff. I buy older reloading items and bullet moulds and casting equipment. Got a mould I have been trying to get for quite a while. It is a Lyman 457-122.. 45-70 bullet weighs 290 gr as it is a hollow point. Still in the box too. unused. But I bought all of the moulds and sizers etc etc at the same time. At the price I paid..I'm gonna drive 'em like I stole 'em. But he set the price. I did buy another mould at another show for 10 bucks..his price. an old one piece handle mould set made by Ideal 25 cal HP rifle(express) bullet. Sold it a fellow for an unbelievable price. and he set the price too. It was one he was lookin for. Also got a H&G rifle mould that was never catalogued. 30 cal too. But prices are comin down guys on some things. Military type(old) rifles are becoming available again..but not in the numbers of a few years ago. . But with the way these people are running thingsin this country..the next crisis will change it all again..for the worse of course

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
Benjamin Franklin
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