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Old 06-09-2014, 10:12 PM
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Went to a small gun show

Small is a key word. It was in Big Timber Mt. I always do well at this show. I wasn't selling now..just went to it. There was nothing in the place I couldn't live without. Well Almost nothing..Always seem to find lots of bullets powder and bullet moulds. Nothing this year.. Only thing I bought was a Savage 410er tube. Pretty much new in the box. Paid 20 bucks....will probably sell it on ebay..or at tne next show I do. I did trade the Colt Match Target Woodsman I got at the Wyoming Weapons Collectors show. Fellow had a new in box Kimber 84in 308 Win. and he wanted that Colt pretty bad. So I traded him. It is the Classic Select with French Walnut stock with the black forend tip.. I guess I did pretty good on it. trading even. Sold the extra Colt bbl on ebay fer a hundred. I've had a bunch of those Colt Woodsmans and have never been able to shoot 'em worth spit..this one was the same. I always seem to shoot high with 'em. Missed an ol bunny that was eating the garden. Kind of a chip shot at under 40 yds..shot over him 3 times. I much prefer my S&W M-41 to the Colt..just seem to fit real well. Prices were ridiculous on most reloading items and 22 ammo. A friend at the locally Wally world who works the gun counter told me they are getting even less ammo especially 22s than they did 3 months ago. Going to another local show this weekend in a town not too fer away..a 6 hour local gun show..hope to find some good stuff. But....I ain't aholdin my breath

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