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cleaning a trout

Ok, over the years I have tried about every trick I have heard on cleaning trout for cooking but I know there is one trick I have yet to learn. Bones seem to be the #1 reason people don't like trout and so far, fillet, skin, then I cut about 1/8" on either side of the strip of bones everyone hates on the fillet and just remove the strip..that way I have boneless fillets..dip in flower, egg, bread crumbs and fry..other than this, I gut, skin and either cook over my fire or boil in water..then when done just right, the meat comes off the bones and the bone is whole when removed.(like we use to see in the cartoons and the cats in garbage cans) now I need to know the real secret from the experts...Pa trout season starts April 15...How do you clean your trout and make boneless?
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