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Old 04-27-2016, 06:40 PM
Gil Martin Gil Martin is offline
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Love those 870 Wingmasters

It is very hard for me to pass up a decent used Remington 870 Wingmaster when it carries a reasonable hang tag. A used Wingmaster 870 is light years better than the 870 Express and usually available for less money for a much better shotgun. One of my favorite gun shops had a used 870 Wingmaster with a plain barrel for $249. The down side was a bit of minor rusting mostly on the barrel. for weeks during a sale period, lots of folks passed it by. Last week i went down and laid hands on the Wingmaster. True, it had a bit of cosmetic minor rust on the barrel that was ugly, but I have spare barrels. The shop had a $40 discount tag on the 870 so IO got it for $209 out the door.

Once at home, the Wingmaster was completely disassembled, cleaned, lubed, boiled linseed oil was applied to the stock and forearm (which are lovely) and a replacement ventilated rib modified barrel was installed. What a lovely shotgun. I showed it to my neighbor and his wife and they were impressed. I will buy any decent Wingmaster at a low price that I find. All the best...
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