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Old 12-07-2011, 05:40 PM
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3rd deer of the season

Once again, I hunted a HOT spot in northern Maryland. A marshy area of Chesapeake Bay forms a head at an inlet. To the left and right are fairly open areas of the forest which is a heavily traveled route for the deer. I climbed a tree on the left side with good views of the area. Just as I reached the top of my climb, a dandy buck showed up at approx 20 yards or so. But my crossbow and gear were still at ground level attached by rope. Gro-o-o-oan!! The buck had an outside spread just past the ears by about 2 inches on each side. I'm not sure how many points. I felt a slight breeze on my neck and Mr. Buck became suspicious. After a few minutes he walked away and vanished into the forest. I quickly brought up my gear and got ready for a shot. But Mr. Buck never returned.

At 3:20PM a lone doe wandered across the open area and stopped behind a brush pile. Distance was approx 25 yards or so. After a time, the doe stepped into the open and I loosed my bolt into her shoulder. The animal dropped at the shot but struggled as if to arise. Heavy blood flow was observed. After a time, the animal stopped struggling. I doubt if this doe ever knew what happened.

I retreived my arrow later. It exited the animal and struck a tree. The bolt is bowed and defective but broadhead remains sharp.

Here is photo attached of my trophy doe. Weight at the Deer Station was about 95 lbs. But it felt heavier than that while dragging.

Knife in the photo is my new drop point by Elk Ridge. Not recommended. Handle and sheath are attractive and well built but steel is inferior and does not hold an edge very well. Its not a keeper. So it goes.

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