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Old 12-10-2006, 01:24 AM
CJ n Wy CJ n Wy is offline
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Well let see its gota be a Ruger,less than #10,6mm and shoot to 500 yards.
A VT will weigh more than #10 so that puts that stock-barrel combo out!

The 6br you mentioned would do it but in field conditions your gona have to know your drop chart and range with precision!
The Ruger makes a great critter getter but it aint a BR gun and 500 yards consistantly is about the limit for most.
You already have a good shootin 220Swift and 25-06 so a 6-284 or 6.5-284 with a fast twist barrel seams like it would help out the range a little.
I've had luck getting to 500 yards with an old Ruger tang 8 twist 22-250 shootin the 75 grain Amax( but its over #10 too).Its a LOT better in the wind than the Swift with 55 grainers.

The 7 mag has dropt a couple of deer just shy of 500 yards and put the fear of god into coyotes out to 800 but its spendy to reload for prairie dogs Bottom gun in pic

If it realy has to be shot @ past 500 yards this old tang in 308Baer has the ability to get it done.It stays minute of deer to 1000 yards alright but has trouble with prairie dogs that far.
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Old 12-10-2006, 11:06 PM
royinidaho royinidaho is offline
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CJ in wy

Very nice rifles and good longrange performance

Where ya @ in Wy?
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Old 12-20-2006, 03:19 PM
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Just my opine!

If you guys don't already know, I've got a Ruger M77MKII Sporter that has shot a best group of 0.118" at 100yrds. It will keepem in 3/8" or less all day.

The Ruger get my vote and allways will.

To Yote, I don't know if you've ever really own'd a Ruger or not or if it was just years ago before Ruger started making their own barrels. But your just full of it about Rugers. JMHO!

For what its worth, Yote don't know Ruger rifles from shinola!

Nuff said,
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Old 11-07-2008, 10:16 PM
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my choice would be a 7mm Hart or 30 Hart custom built by R W HART And Sons, thats a good light rifle , both bullets have excellent Ballistic Coefficents and a wide variety of bullet weights IMO the 7mm bullet is probably the best of all of them
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Old 11-13-2008, 08:38 PM
Evan03 Evan03 is offline
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blast from the past.

man this is still floatn on the top.

my long range rig has never been built. i do now have caliber picked out. itl be 6.5 284 1/8 possibly 1/7 barrel pushn 140 bergers. ive grown to lover bergers over the past few years. the gun will most certainly weigh in over 10lbs. ive found under till isnt what i want.

for now my long range rig has still been my 2506. its punched papaer to 500 now and is even printed decent grops thatl kill most any game to that range. though my deer was killed inside 200 this year with a short range 220 swift.

my 2506 pushes 115 bergervlds and 115 nosler. ive found slow powders work best. imr 7828 ssc rl 22 4350s and even hodg 100v as shown some promising groups at 300. but my best loads are with 7828 and rl22.

bergers are seated hard into the lands and noslers print tight groups about any where they happen to be seated in the kneck.

i will say i flung alot of bergers down range to get where im at now. and ill never go back. for long range bergers are where its at.

and for now this is for long range on varmits. ill add deer to the mix later on as my skill and confidence progresses, but i know consider long range beyond 400. past that im not 100% confident inmyself.

long range dogs and chucks are where its at with the 2506.

ohhh next upgrade is glass. 6.5-20 leo with dots to 600 mounted on the 25
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