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Old 09-09-2008, 12:41 PM
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!@#$%&+ rats!

we had rats in my storage building.

my wife and i are preparing to relocate.

in the process of "trimming down" what we're going to take with us we discovered a pair of rats that had set up housekeeping in one of our outbuildings.

after some doings, i was able to isolate the smaller, female in the rafters and proceeded to plant a .177 in the rear portion of her head from my beeman R-10.

i used a benjamin domed, diabolo, 7.9 gr pellet and driven from the powerful R-10 rifle, it made a mess of her.

i did have to put two more pills into her before she expired, though...doggone rats are tough to kill...

the male was twice her size and made a run for it before i could shoulder the rifle to plant him.

i'm gonna lay an ambush for him at nite...ain't no rats gonna stay in my place...

once again, the beeman comes through.
If you find yourself going thru hell, keep on going, don't stop.
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