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Old 07-28-2009, 10:12 AM
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finally got it...

the brown van brought the new talon finally.

i wasn't quite certain how i would feel towards this piece of airgun technology but i'm finding i like it very well.

the materials used in it's contruction are indeed, "space age" and it's construction is of simple, yet effective design and execution of small details is superb. the workmanship appears to be first class.

it takes some getting used to (the looks) looks like something between an AR-15 crossed with some sort of a gas storage apparatus with a scope on it. after all the butt stock is the air storage tank.

to those of you not familiar with PCP/HPA airguns, the first time you hear one discharge, it can be startling...the more powerful it is, the louder it is...sounds more like a rimfire than your 'run of the mill' airgun discharging. and from what i read, the "big bore" airguns are as loud or louder than many centerfire powder burners.

i happen to choose the .22 in the Talon series as, from what i've read, the Condor tends to be more for operating at full pressures most, or all of the time, but if i choose to, i may upgrade by a barrel and air tank supply change. (which in the end, costs as much as the purchase of a new rifle) the Condor has a 24" barrel with a "hi-flow" air tank for acheiving higher velocities.

incidentally, from what i'm reading, the Condor is the only .22 cal airgun that will send a pellet into the supersonic speed range. true? i don't really know...

i live in a rural environment where it's not too unusual to hear gunshots but never the less, i was startled by the report when i triggered my first shot with it. geeeeeeeee...i had to install a "brake" to tone it down...and that is with it set on a low-medium power setting; it's equipped with a "power setting" adjustment that allows the tuning of different pellets to the rifle; just like handloading for a favorite rifle or pistol.

accuracy? i didn't even boresight and the first shot at slighly over 24 yards was only 2"-3" low and horizontally nearly perfectly aligned. that's with me shooting in "awful" hand position, too! that tells me the machining of the built on rail(s) alignment with the frame/bore are quite good. i did 'lap in' the scope rings, though as i customarily do with all new scope mounting i do on any rifle.

anyway...i'm gonna do some serious sight-in at the bench and then i'll take some pix to post...
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