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Old 08-01-2009, 11:53 AM
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yikes!...more on the new PCP

across the back yard, to the east, from my workshoppe there is a shrub with a stake left over from when it was planted.

this stake is over 3 feet tall with the remnants of a plastic flower pot impaled on it and it's 2.5" wide and 3/8" thick made from wood. it is a measured 24 yards from the door of my workshoppe.

i figured i would use the remnants of the flower pot as a beginning to sight in as it was without holes and a hole would be highly visible for referencing any changes in sighting.

first shot: low right from center by approximately 2"
second shot: low right from center and overlapping first hole
third shot: low right from center and overlapping the first two shots.

adjustments made to scope...

satisfactory groups...

certainly not 'one hole'...

but not bad for being shot 'awful' hand...

more 'fine tuning' ahead...
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