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Old 08-12-2010, 11:09 AM
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prefer use of red dot over telescopic optics?

the other day i decided to try a red dot on my Beeman RX gas piston.

i removed the scope and installed a tasco pro-point red dot i had that was not doing anything but collecting dust and tried it.

i wasn't sure at first how it would affect accuracy. i was very pleasantly surprised to find that it is, indeed, quite accurate. (and the rifle is lighter in hand, too)

most red dots will take the battering of a springer/gas ram with no problem and allow shooting in dim lighting conditions; better than open sights.

since most shots i take with this particular air rifle are within 50-70 yards magnification is not as important as is with farther distances. (at least to me) if i think i will be shooting farther, i go to a scoped rimfire or centerfire.


I've pretty well gone back to open sights and am going to switch to red dots when i can on my air rifles. it's hard for me to see the advantage of a $1000.00 scope on a rifle you are not going to be shooting more than 70 yards, unless of course, you can afford it and that's your preference, or, if you plan on shooting FT competition seriously.

if all goes well, i plan on trying for a turkey with this Beeman RX this season with the red dot in place.
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