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Old 10-20-2014, 07:31 PM
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Brass tumbling traditional vs steel

So some of the "free" brass I have gotten over time is just plain grimy. Dry walnut doesn't cut it. Wet walnut doesn't cut it. 4/0 steel wool and ALOT of elbow grease cuts it. When is it time to start looking at the steel media wet tumblers? These things cost a boatload, I dunno if it is going to be worth the hit to the non-existent pocket book any time soon.

I would ask this over at the other site I am on these days but there are way too many fans of steel wet media over there who would say it was worth it if ya had to lose vital body parts

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Old 10-21-2014, 06:06 AM
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never used it so...I don't know

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Old 10-21-2014, 07:36 AM
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Walnut will get the grit and grime off, but it won't make the brass look shiny and new. If the walnut isn't doing it, change to a new batch - any media wears out after a while.
Never used the steel. I'm sure it will make your brass look great, but, for functionality, looks don't matter.
Another alternative is liquid types- Iosso makes one. You dip the brass in and let it sit for a while - don't need a tumbler for that.
I like my brass to look nice and shiny, too, but, as long as the brass is clean, you're good to go.
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Old 01-14-2016, 08:47 AM
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I have switched over to wet stainless steel tumbling. Held out for a long time but glad I did it. I went with the Midway "frankford arsenal" version. I still use the dry tumbler after the wet for a final shine with NuFinish. All brass looks like new, inside and out even the grimiest mud filled tarnished range scrounge brass you can find.

Came with a sample packet of their cleaner. I'd give it a meh-at best. Dawn dish soap and a sprinkle of some stuff called Lemi-Shine blows the Midway stuff away.

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Old 02-10-2020, 04:31 PM
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The wet stainless media works great . I use the Thumler's tumbler . One thing I found is that you have to experiment a little bit with the amount of LEMI SHINE you use depending on the hardness of your water . MC
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