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Old 02-20-2015, 07:53 PM
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Seirra retake the thrown?

Ok so over the past couple years on the line, I'd say 90% of those not shooting custom bullets were using Berger and their Hybrids for the 1000 yard game... Mainly b/c of the excellent BC's those bullets had. Gotta admit, I bit on the 30 cal's and shot the 230gr Hybrids. The 140gr 6.5's had a BC about +20 of 142 Matchkings and at least that in the 6mm 105 vs the 107 gr Matchkings.

I shoot the older 142 SMK's 6.5's and Meplat trim and point using John Hoover's excellent trimmer and pointing die. Lots of work to uniform and better the BC, tighten up groups, etc.

What I've found in my recent purchase of Seirra 6mm 107 and 142gr 6.5mm is that Seirra is now trimming and pointing the bullet with an even smaller meplat than Berger resulting in a better BC than the old competition. My guess is that we'll see a radical shift from Berger back to the MatchKing. My pointed "old" MK looks just like the new ones from the factory. Kind of makes a guy mad for paying over $400 for meplat trimmer, pointing die body and punches... But then again less work... Just bearing surface and weight sorting. One less step in the process is always good.

What's your thoughts on this point? If Seirra is now going from a .595 to .630 BC in say the 6.5mm with the new pointed style ( not tipped) , and Berger doesn't make a change from their .610, I'll bet you see a lot coming over to my side of the bench.

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