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Old 06-28-2010, 08:31 PM
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Talking A DIFFERENT Cartridge Conversion idea

Hello all!

Still been pretty busy working/trying to make ends meet & finding a REAL job. (Working as an office clerk for the US Census Bureau has been real fun, but in about a month or so we're shutting down the office since, well, we're about done with ops here)

Have had time to do some serious pondering about one of my favourite firearms topics, namely Cartridge Conversions a la Walt Kirst (best for Colts)and Ken Howell (Great on Remingtons...well, usually)

As you MAY be aware, Ken H was supposed to have relased, back around January of 2008, a cartridge conversion for the STEEL framed Remington New Model Pocket .31. This would convert it to a 5-shot .32 S&W Short SA revolver, just the thing for CAS side matches and prolly much more serviceable than using an original Bulldog revolver, what have you...

Well, I've been waiting SINCE THEN for mine to arrive, and last May at the NRA Convention in Phoenix I got a chance to talk to the nice gals from Taylor's & Co, the main distributor for the R&D cylinders and found out what the dealy was as to WHY IS IT TAKING SO DANGED LONG?

Ken H apparently is busier than a 1-armed paper hanger and hasn't the time to finish work on the cylinders (e.g. the backplates) and for a number of reasons (to include the economy) isn't expanding ops or hiring additional staff.

Soooo...that's the story on that count, intro.

I think I've figgered out a way to cartridge convert the Remington New Model Pocket to cartridge, and it's neither:

The 1869 "Remington Improved New Model Army" conversion that Howell uses


The Richards-Mason (with a few borrowings from Robert Adams' British patent) conversion system that Walt Kirst uses on everything

It's actually very similar to of all things, the system used on the .577 Tranter Model 1865 revolver. (which is sorta like Ken Howell's. The way a pear is sorta like an apple, if you get my drift)

FWIW, that Remmy pocket job is REAL close to the Tranter 1863 pocket revolver, the only difference being that the Tranter was .32 from the get-go, as opposed to having a conversion cylinder (rare!) to make it so.

However...this isn't quite as much of a drop-in as either Kirst or Ken Howell's. You will have to swop out the hammer AND the cylinder. Though the frame and barrel and trigger and lockwork are otherwise unchanged.

It will involve modifying exactly ONE .31 cap & ball cylinder (timed to go with the revolver, natch!) and installing a suitable firing pin on the hammer--which is why I was nattering on about it not being as convenient a drop in as Kirst or R&D.

I need some feedback on this project, details to follow if ya need 'em.

If any of you all need pics of either an 1865 Tranter .577, or the 1863 (either) let me know---
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Old 06-29-2010, 08:21 AM
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WELCOME BACK! Sounds like an interesting conversion but I am not familiar with the Tranter. I actually like the idea better than a conversion with a backplate on it. Some of the Remmy conversions I have seen don't use the backplate they actually modify the hammer to have a old style hammer mounted firing pin, etc. Unfortunantly these are usually 1 offs or major custom jobs.

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