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Old 07-31-2008, 10:06 PM
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I got an antler education

last spring, I attended the Shed antler show and sale. Boy did I get an education. I wend looking for knife handle material and ended up learning a thing or two. First off, Antler collect take what they do very seriously. They do not appreciate being told that you want to cut up the antlers for handles. The first guy I ran into had a big booth with all manner of whitetail sheds. He spent many hours and lots of boot leather to find the ones on display. He told me that none of his sheds were for sale and that I would not find any collector at the show who who sell me any of theirs either. He told me to check out the Elk sheds as those vendors sell them by the pound.

This shed was not for sale and I can understand why.

None of these were for sale either

This guy was willing to sell this pair but at $250, I could not see making knife handles out of them. This was a cheap set. Many were going for more that that.

Moose shed were going for a pretty penny as well.

This guy was selling everything but at very high prices.

This lady was very nice and I ended up buying from her. Her prices were $8 a pound for small elk sheds and up to $12 a pound for very large sheds

In the end I only bought 2 sheds. A smallish 2 pound and a medium 6 pound. I can get a lot of handles out of a single shed.

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