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Old 10-27-2006, 01:44 PM
Steverino Steverino is offline
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Knight Long Range Hunter

Anybody see this or have any practical experience with this rifle? I read my second article this year touting this muzzleloader as the real deal for long range (200+ yard) shots. From the what I read, it sounds as though the right components were certainly designed within the rifle for accuracy. Good looking to boot. Just curious.
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Old 10-29-2006, 02:50 AM
rattus58 rattus58 is offline
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200 yard Plus Muzzleloaders

It's fairly irresponsible for manufacturers and artists... ok.. writers, to be touting 200 yard muzzleloaders, and any gun suggesting that a muzzleloader is a 200 yard out of the box firearm is really irresponsible... for two basic reasons.

1) Most shooters aren't 200 yard shooters. Sad but true.

2) A muzzleloader takes real practice to be accurate at 200 yards, for one... as in one, and bullet selection for 200 yards is really critical... and your best 200 yard bullets are not your best 200 yard shooters (trajectory) in My OPINION. Heavy bullets are ALL that I would recommend for long range shooting and even when shooting sabots (Buffalo Bullets SSB for example) Heavy bullets will do the job best.

Time on the range makes a gun a 200 yard gun... not the manufacturer.

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Old 10-29-2006, 10:26 AM
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The knight can`t come close to a savage shooting smokless. 200 yards is no problem for the hornady 300 sst`s going 2400 fps.
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Old 10-29-2006, 12:12 PM
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Have had some experience with knights

And some long range shooting of them..I do most wholeheartedly agree with rattus58.

No one should expect any muzzleloader to be accurate at 200 yds right out of the box!!
It TAKES LOTS of practice at the range..not just at the 25 or 50 to 75 yd marker either..
get out there and shoot the 200 yd marker. Most people are not consistently accurate at this anyways AND every muzzleloader, even within the same brand and make "likes" a certain kind of ammo..I have found this to be true..they will only perform at an optimum with a certain powder load and specific kind of sabot or lead..You can take suggestions but it IS UP TO YOU to FIND OUT what your weapon "likes" .
GENERALLY speaking I would use a heavier weight bullet and a little more powder than usual..Performance can even be altered or improved by the type of powder you use i.e., Smokeless, pyrodex, or even these new solid powder sections..
Anyways PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and experiment with the different types of ammo out there and you will get your accuracy. I don't care what you're shooting..I shoot a knight and have for years..I have also tried the more expensive inlines such as the Austin Halleck and the newest traditions inlines and others out there and keep on coming back to my knight. I shoot 280 grain red hots with anywhere from 90 to 150 grains powder..mostly 90 to 100 for around here. Every gun is different..You can get the most top of the line expensive inline in the world and it won't shoot worth a hoot...and then again you may have an old stand by that shoots great everytime...That's the one I have kept. It's an older version Black Knight.
A man once started to write a book about everything he'de learned about deer while deerhunting. He hunted all his life. When his son started hunting, found the book and opened it, it was blank. E-
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Old 10-30-2006, 06:26 AM
Steverino Steverino is offline
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Thanks for the input folks. I don't think I'd ever personally have need of having to take a shot past 50 yards in the woods that I hunt but was curious as to peoples opinions on this and they are pretty well in line with what I thought. Thanks and good hunting!
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Old 07-20-2008, 08:17 AM
Bret Andrysiak Bret Andrysiak is offline
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I shoot an older disc extreem. I had no problems out to 150 yds But really didnt push much past this out in the field for fear of wounding.
I recently bought the new nikon bdc reticle scope this was a great improvment over the bushnell.
With 300gr tc shockwaves and 150 gr of pyro pellets I can keep three in the size of a softball at two hundred yards now(most days). The optics have really helped improve confidence and consistency. That bein said I had the advantage of already KNOWING what my Knight "liked" as far as Bullet,Sabot and powder goes the optics just added to this.
I agree with the other posters there is no substitute for shooting time to get consistent.
Hey were did all this smoke come from??

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Old 07-20-2008, 09:01 AM
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200 yrd shoots with a muzzle loader that has the accuracy required at that range can be done with consistancy, IF YOU DO EVERY THING YOU NEED TO DO. You must first work out a drop chart for you gun, 25 yrd. setting to 150 yrds. then 10 yrd. settings from there out. You will also have to lazer your target, a good guess is not good enough. Then you need him to stay put while you get every thing ready and shoot. 2 yrs. ago I took a buck at 289 larzed yrds. , but I have to admit it was more a lucky guess than a planned shot. I would not have shot, but he had been hit and he stopped right beside a tree I had just lazered. I had a rest and guessed the drop correctly and double lunged him.
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