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Old 09-29-2008, 01:04 PM
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Power Belt Performance on an Elk

I shot maybe one of the smallest legal bulls in Colorado on 9/16 and I will admit to pulling the trigger, not the slow pressure like on the range. At 55 yards I hit it in front of the shoulder and broke the neck, still alive and moving the head, so I put one behind the ear. The first shot trashed the bone and nothing left but pieces of lead. The second shot at point blank range went through meat, never hit bone, stopped as a perfect mushroom on the far side skin. These were 295 gr. 50 cal. in front of 110 gr. 777 powder. I would have liked more out of it, what if the first shot hit the shoulder blade and then a rib, shouldn't the second shot have gone through? A 348 gr. may have been a better choice, no sabots allowed in CO.
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Old 09-30-2008, 09:09 PM
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yes powerbelts are a double edged sword. years ago i had a thread about them here, a friend and i shot deer on the same day. his a pb 248 aero tip, mine a hollowpt 295 gr, neither bullet exited and his was only at 15 yds. mine about 150. they are so accurate for me though i cant switch. well we griped about it all the way home ... until we cut them up, his was shot through both shoulders. like you said nothing but pieces. mine never found both had wound channels though the size of tennis balls. i think perhaps you should check out that solid tipped one they make. it would be a lot better if they would get one that has an actual jacket. that copper coating is nothing as far as terminal ballistics
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Old 03-02-2009, 06:16 PM
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eeeek! I hate it when i see posts about fellers using those tiny weight bullets for elk! Its a pure lead conical with an over sized Hollow Point! Kabooooom they go when you push them to fast and the distance is short.

With that 245gr Powerbelt, Thats for deer size critters, not elk! For elk you'll want either the 338 platinum or the 348gr + Copper series and dont get the Hollow Points.

And the 245-295 grain powerbelts, if you push them with 100 grains as they are, they will come apart. Drop the charges down to 80gr and you got one hell of a killer bullet that holds together.

I just finished making some new insert for the powerbelt, I am pleased to say that a 295gr powerbelt with my Tip installed weighs in at 309grains and after shooting it into damp sand, it came out 301 grains and in a nice strong cone shape. The 245's weight in at 262 grains and are averaging 242-243 grains recovered weight and in cone form.

I still have quite a bit of work to do before i offer them as a aftermarket insert. They just press right into the HP cavity and you are set to go without worrying about the bullet fragmenting.
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