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Old 10-19-2012, 12:46 PM
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New RRA LAR 8 308 Operator

Thought I would post this as I have been researching the new Rock River Operator Elite 16 inch bbl which is a light weight 308 at 9.1 to 9.5 pounds. The Operator Standard is 10.2 pounds with a 20 inch barrel and comes in a 7x08 and 243 as well as the 308. This is a neat package as it has Mag-Pull stuff to start with and uses FNFAL mags.

Here is the caution, reading the data on the gun says that the RRA lower will NOT take the uppers of other companies making similar guns and the RRA upper takes a special nut to screw a barrel on. It is possible that even another Co's barrel may not fit the RRA upper.

I will imagine that after a bit folks will figure out a way to do with the RRA just what has been done with the AR-10 but for now, if you see one for sale, be careful if you are thinking of say a 260 RRA gun. It might not be in the cards for a while.

I almost bought one until the owner said he did not think an upper by anyone else would fit. He was right by the RRA site data.
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