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Old 09-21-2013, 02:12 PM
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Blackhorn 209

Does anyone have any experience with Blackhorn 209 muzzleloading powder? Is
better than real black powder, Pyrodex, or Triple-7?
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Old 09-22-2013, 07:49 PM
skeet skeet is offline
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I have tried it. It is somewhat easier to shoot than Black for certain. May even be better than 777...definitely better than Pyrodex. There will be a few who say that if it isn't real black powder it isn't good. But anything that makes muzzleloading shooting easier has got to be great. Cleanup with 777 and Blackhorn is easier. Only black I have now is a little 4F for pouring in the bbl before I load Pyrodex in my T-C Hawken. 5 grains down the bbl works wonders for me. For my real hunting I use a Savage Smokeless powder muzzleloader. I am not and will not be stuck in the 18th or 19th centuries. Even ol Jim Bridger or Davy Crockett woulda liked having something better than black powder. Just a little story..My Father in Law was born in 1904..had his first rifle at the age of 6(a front stuffer made in W Va) and he and his brothers even made their own blackpowder. The ground it up in a brass toothed coffee grinder by hand. He even told me they got Black Blasting powder and ground it smaller. He told me also..he got his first REAL rifle in 1916. A High Wall Winchester that took real cartridges. That was also the year he left home and went out working on his the age of 12. Wow. He cut timber all over the continent till 1938..when he joined the Army. Seemed work was running out. ..and at that time he had a Savage 99 in 22 Highpower. Best deer rifle he had ever he said.

BTW..none of the substitutes for black are easier to ignite..that is why I use 5 gr of black with Pyrodex..

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